Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

we offer premium casual dining in the heart of Uluwatu. Giving Guest a dining experience  inspired by cuisines of both traditional and international taste, prepare by our highly skilled chefs

Private Barbeque 
While enjoying the heat of the sun in the pool it woould be more enjoyable to enjoy a barbeque prepared bext to you

Publish rate    : IDR 1.452.000 / couple
Direct Booking : IDR 1.200.000 / couple

Romantic Candle Light Dinner
Experience dinner under the starts of Bali island with your partner is something you don’t want to miss

Publish rate    : IDR 1.452.000 / couple
Direct Booking : IDR 1.200.000 / couple

We invite you to discover varous taste of traditional Balinesse culinary

Publish rate    : IDR 720.000 / couple
Direct Booking : IDR 525.000 / couple

Floating Breakfast 
Bored with breakfast on the table? let your breakfast follow you swimming in the pool 

Publish rate    : IDR 484.000 / couple
Direct Booking : IDR 300.000 / couple

Afternoon Tea
Enjoying small snack and tea under the beautiful atmosphere while waiting for the evening is brilliant idea to spend time

Publish rate    : IDR 275.000 / couple
Direct Booking : IDR 225.000 / couple

Floaties Summer with Bucket Beer & Pizza
Floaties, beer, pizza, & pool is the best summer combination

Publish rate    : IDR 400.000 / pax
Direct Booking : IDR 300.000 / pax




A yoga experience in the nuances of a sunset with a calm natural atmosphere  and instructed by experienced teachers directly in your villa
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Flower Pool

Get beautiful experience by immersing yourself in a pool full of fragrances with beautiful flower arragements .
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Bamboo Spa & Salon

Designed as a space to promote wellbeing, peace, and relaxation, the Bamboo Spa highlights wellness rituals inspired by traditional Indonesian techniques and recipes.
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